Quincey Epley Biography-By Annie Walter

When a younger sibling is compared to her older sibling, she oftentimes aspires to grow up as something totally different than that older sibling. For Epley, the comparisons were inevitable; she acted and looked similar to Logann, who is six years older than herself. However, as fate would have it, Epley took a photojournalism class at the beginning of freshman year in high school. She instantly fell in love with taking photos. Many factors contributed to her passion for photojournalism: her teacher was supportive, she was the only one in her class to achieve one hundred percent out of a class made up of mostly upperclassmen, and she said it “just felt right.”

Epley wants to major in journalism, with an emphasis in photojournalism. She has a passion for taking photos of people in their natural environment. Epley’s ultimate goal is to travel to Third World countries. She desires to raise awareness and evoke empathy for those stricken by poverty and natural disasters.

When asked why she wanted to travel to difficult places, Epley said “I feel like it’s worth more to challenge myself so that I can grow.”

Also, according to Epley, her handwriting is “terrible.” Epley said, “It’s good I’m going into photojournalism so I don’t have to do any handwriting things.”