Annie Walter biography by Quincey Epley

Annie Walter Biography

When you hear that someone was homeschooled, do stereotypes make you have assumptions about them before you even meet them? That’s what Annie Walter wants to change. Walter was homeschooled all of her life. Walter said being homeschooled has made her more outgoing to try to defy the stereotypes. “I have to find other things to relate to people besides school, we can’t talk about our favorite teachers. It makes it both hard and fun at the same time,” said Walter. She said that her parents have taught her good character and good morals. “My school programs have made me grow. It’s made me more driven toward success.”


When Walter graduates high school, she wants to become a sports journalist. “I got into sports in the last couple of years, and I thought ‘how can I get more involved without playing?’ Be a journalist,” said Walter, “I want to make an impact, and sports seems pretty black and white, but they have lots of minute controversies, so I’d like to bring them to light.” One example of these controversies is Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which is a brain condition caused by repeated concussions to the head. “I think in journalism, words can be more powerful than people think.”