About Lauren Dubas

Lauren Dubas is a 17 year old, Senior at Millard West High School in Omaha, Nebraska. She is influenced by her parents Jennifer and Marty Dubas who are both accountants. They have instilled a strong work ethnic in her, and she takes great pride in her achievements. She is the middle child, having an older brother, Jackson, who is attending Northwest Missouri State, and a younger brother, Grant, who is attending Russell Middle School, the same one Lauren attended. She has two dogs, Tucker, who is a mix between Westy and Shitzu, and her family calls him “Old Man Tucker”, and Maizey, who is a golden doodle, that Lauren got 3 months ago, and she loves taking pictures and videos of them.

Lauren is very school orientated, and this year she will be an officer in the National Honors Society, after being a member last year. She has a 4.1 GPA, and she is undecided about where she wants to go to college or what she wants to do for a living. Her parents work really hard, and that has influenced her to to get the best grades possible.

“I’ve been so future orientated about college, I have stacked my resume, because I want to get as many scholarships as I can,” Lauren says.

Music is an important part of Lauren’s life, she is in her high school varsity swing choir, West in the Groove, which she will be a part of for a second year as a senior. She was one of only seven juniors to make the group last year. She was in the group, Uptown Girls, during her freshman and sophomore years. She also takes weekly vocal lessons, and participates in other out of school choirs like an acapella group called S&J Singers. She also played flute for 4 years, but quit when she decided she was more interested in choir.

“I started with my elementary school choir, Singing Stars in 4th grade, and have loved it every since,” Lauren says.

Lauren’s favorite type of music is musicals, some of her favorites are The Sound of Music, Lion King, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, Wicked, and Something Rotten. Most of which she has seen as a professional production. Musicals are her favorite way of hearing stories, and their soundtracks flood her Spotify playlist. She is also a big fan of vocalist Ed Sheeran, who also is a large part of her Spotify playlist.

“Music just really speaks to me, when you get that good song you can close your eyes and just feel it, it’s just magical,” Lauren says.

Lauren is also an avid reader, and says at one point as a kid, she would read 5 or 6 books a week, estimating that she has read hundreds total. She is a huge fan of the Percy Jackson book series and is also reading the Harry Potter series for the first time.