Vanessa Chavez: A Biography by Rose Kathman

Journalism can be one of the most exciting fields to work in, depending on if it’s something you actually love.  Vanessa Chavez, a senior at Millard South, told me that journalism is one of the passions that she has, and would be a career that she would love to pursue.  “I really got interested in journalism in 8th grade, when I would watch the news with my mom in Spanish.”  She felt like that was really the turning point for her, and she has been following news and politics through journalists and other people on Twitter.  She felt that she got a little more into it after the election last year and all of the things that went on on Twitter and things she saw on the news.

Vanessa has an interest in becoming an investigative journalist.  She wrote a story for her school newspaper about nondiscrimination for sexual orientation in her district and other districts.  She sent an e-mail to the mayor of Omaha and was promised a reply, but never received one.  She thought it funny that she never received a reply, and thought it’d be fun to write more stories that she probably shouldn’t be writing, but is writing anyways.  She says that she want’s her stories to always be 100% accurate, and she’s never going to be out to ruin someones reputation, like some journalists do.

Injustices are really common among journalists.  “They’re just doing their jobs and they get, like, punched in the face.”  Vanessa said that she really want’s to spread truth and important things through her work.  She wants to be able to travel to other countries and cover really important stories.  She want’s to be part of something bigger and help stand up for something that gets so little respect.