Rose Kathman’s Bio- By Vanessa Chavez

In the small town of Lawrence Nebraska Rose Kathman seems to be the only person with deep passion for music.

“It just makes my heart happy because I can actually feel it,” Kathman said.

Ironically,¬†Kathman’s ¬†musical journey only began because her mom obligated her to take piano lessons at the age of 7 . At first Kathman strongly disliked playing the piano, but once she started playing more challenging pieces and became more interested, she grew to love it. Learning to play the piano helped her get a grip on learning instruments faster. It led to Kathman feeling like she knew enough to learn more instruments, she had gained courage and confidence from a class that at first she dreaded going to.

Looking back, Kathman too sees the irony and finds it funny but also wishes she would have appreciated it the push towards music more.

“I kinda hate myself for hating it,” she joked.

Today Kathman knows how to play the piano, french horn, trumpet, and percussion and her passion for music is as strong as ever. She acknowledges the importance of music in everyone’s life, she describes it as a driving force that connects everyone

“Hearing music and being able to produce something like that is so amazing, it’s something everyone can enjoy.”