Meet Sara Lighthart!

Take a moment to relax and let me take you to Omaha, Nebraska. No, not that way. Stop. Follow me. We’ll just go around the corner to this stone house and into the big oak tree in the backyard.  Amidst the leafy foliage up here, you’ll find incoming sophomore Sara Lighthart settled in the crook of the trunk, reading her favorite book for the fourth time. The open atmosphere outside allows her to sink into the setting of The Great Gatsby and meld into the culture of the 1920’s. Lighthart is “obsessed with the clothes, hairstyles, parties, and the overall essence of culture in the 1920’s.” She especially enjoys the language used by the book’s character, Jay Gatsby, with his term “old sport”.

While Lighthart is a heavy reader– due to her “love of art in the form of writing”– she especially fancies books that become movies. Many people think that movie remakes of books are almost incomparable in quality, but Lighthart appreciates the director’s work to bring her personal visualization to life. She enjoys comparing her own idea of the book with the cinematic depiction. She has seen the original version of the movie once, and she has watched the newer remake about four times.

Now, at this point in time, we are going to head back to the front and leave her alone so she can continue reading her book. This brings the end to our tour because I need to host another one shortly. I hope you enjoyed this experience and thanks for joining me in getting to know Sara Lighthart!!