Ellie Woody Biography – Holly Rooney

About to embark on her senior year at Lincoln East High School, Ellie Woody has filled her schedule with multiple activities including speech and jazz band. Starting in 4th grade, Ellie decided to join the schools orchestra and learn how to play the bass. Soon she entered 7th grade and joined the jazz band on top of orchestra. Along with that came many more hours of lessons, practicing and even a camp at UNO. Later on in high school, she branched out into speech. She realized that she enjoyed the writing, presenting and creativity that speech allowed.
After realizing she wanted a career that allowed creativity versus her previous plans of a career involving science, she started looking into journalism and mass communications. She then took the opportunity to stay on the UNL campus for 5 days and 4 nights to participate in the Explore Media program. The opportunity-packed camp allowed Ellie and everyone else to learn more about the different careers in media and get a feel for what they would be like. “I’m most interested in journalism and broadcasting,” Ellie said. “I like to write, and spread a message.” As the camp comes to an end, Ellie will go back to a summer full of bass practicing and other activities, with new a handful of media experiences under her belt.