Carlee Koehler Bio

Carlee Koehler is a student at UNL and is from Firth, Nebraska. She is 20 and has two siblings. In high school she did marching band and was involved in choir. As Carlee said “tell the story”, so this is amazing Carlee’s story. Carlee started college with a major in wildlife biology. Later she decided to do a double major and add photography. She got into wildlife biology because she grew up in a place where one set of grandparents lived on a farm and the other lived on a ranch. She has been surrounded by animals for her entire life. She got a love for photography because as a young child she was interested in telling stories through photos. She told me a story about how her father got a camera but she took it and used it all the time. When she was around sixteen she got her first nice camera. She plans on using these skills to study and understand the animals she photographs.

Carlee has a why not attitude towards being a leader. She is here for the fun of it and she thought she might learn something through this experience. Charlie said, ” I love watching young students seeing Jazz In June and the campus with fresh eyes”. She talked about how she has seen the things Lincoln  has to offer but found it neat to watch other experience new adventures for the first time. Carlee Koehler is ready for what there is to come next.

By: Ashley Wyzinski