Bethany’s bio

Hey,  I am Bethany Hoard. I’ going to be in 11 grade at Arapahoe highschool/public school. I have 3 siblings that are all younger than me. I like to sing, write, and take pictures.  I live with my mom and my dad in the middle of nowhere, ok so the outskirts of both Arapahoe and Elwood, Nebraska.

At first I didn’t know what to expect when I first got here for this meida academy,  but I quickly noticed how fun it is.  I was really excited to work with the cameras. I love to take pictures even though I am not that good at it. I am trying to save up some of my money to buy both an old school Polaroid camera and the film for it even though I know it is expensive.

So that is my story.  I am literally a small town girl hoping to find a little bit of something new. Now I hope that I can get a better understanding of one of the things I love the most.